Candle lantern with gift and pine cones on wood plank tabletop

Tips for Decorating Your Vinyl Deck or Patio for the Holidays

Are you starting to get into the holiday spirit, but don’t want to leave out a key part of your home – your vinyl deck or patio? We have some terrific tips to get your vinyl patio, deck, or other outdoor areas ready for the holidays:

One: Tree!

Whether your space inside is too small, or you do not want needles everywhere inside, putting a tree on your vinyl deck for the holidays is a perfect choice – particularly if you can see it through a window. Decorate to your heart’s content with outdoor lights and decorations, then admire from the warmth and comfort of the indoors. You can even buy a live (non-cut) tree and replant it in the spring as an eco-friendly option.

Two: Christmas Lights

Nothing adds holiday cheer quicker than some strings of lights around vinyl decks and patios! Use white for a subtle, modern feel, or go all out with colors and even a light show. Clip lights along the roofline if you like, or simply wrap around vinyl deck railings. Your best bet is to plug into a timer so you can set and forget, but still enjoy the lights at night.

Three: Choose Colours

Find a color combo and stick with it to create a cohesive décor palette on vinyl decks and patios. Red and green is classic, white and silver are nice too or choose your favorite color combo and roll with it!

Four: Create Custom Crafts for Vinyl Decks & Patios

If you are just not finding the right type of décor to complete your patio or deck décor, make your own! There are a ton of fun and easy Christmas crafts you can create in just a few hours, such as reindeer out of logs, fairy lights in glass bottles, pallet trees, painted letters spelling a Christmas sentiment, and more! Get crafty and create the exact look for your space.

Five: Treat Vinyl Decks and Patios

After the holiday season has wrapped up, remove as much of the décor as you can. Be especially aware of dropped needles or sap on the vinyl deck surface –  you will want to ensure it is all cleaned up before it can adhere. As always, consider a gift to yourself this year in the form of a new vinyl deck surface in the spring!