Technical Bulletins

Explore a wealth of resources within these Vinyl Decking Technical Bulletins by Tuff Industries. These PDF files are a great source of information for both seasoned waterproofing pros and enthusiastic DIYers alike. This extensive collection of Vinyl Decking Technical Bulletins delves into an array of topics, including mastering installations in chilly, damp conditions, the nuances of vinyl application on concrete surfaces, compliance with Canadian Building Codes for roofing, and an expansive array of other critical insights. Explore our Vinyl Deck Specifications and Drawings along with these insightful vinyl decking PDFs. Together, they offer an exhaustive guide covering everything from substrates to different installation scenarios tailored specifically for Econodek vinyl decking products.

Our Technical information sheets are just another resource at your disposal for all things Econodek vinyl. Count on our top-tier technical team who are readily available to provide assistance whenever needed. For any queries regarding waterproofing strategies for sundecks, balconies, or most outdoor areas, contact us today. Reach out online, drop us an email at, or call us toll-free at 1-877-860-9333.

Plywood Recommendations
Synthetic Filler Plugs
Plywood Knots
North American Plywood Sizes Grades
Cold Wet Weather Installations
Ponding Water
Canadian Building Code / Roofs Explained
Decks Are Roofs
Vinyl Installation On Concrete
PVC and Bitumen
Contact Adhesive Application
Vinyl Installation On Concrete
History of Plastic
Crude Oil

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