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Outside Deck Edge Terminations

TD-02A Typical Deck Edge with Tuff-Clad Flashing
TD-02B Typical Deck Edge with Gutter
TD-01 Typical Deck to Wall Detail
TD-07 Upstand Wall with Cap Flashing
TD-13 Typical Concrete Deck & Wall

Deck to Wall Terminations

TD-03A Typical Single Gum Edge on Finished Wall
TD-03B Typical Wall Upstand Detail with Stucco Cut Out
TD-03C Typical Inside Wall Flashing Against Siding
TD-04 Membrane Wall Flash for Brick/Stucco with Sawcut Reglet
TD-O8A – Strip-In at Stucco Wall with Membrane Flashing (Wire Mesh)
TD-O8B – Strip-In at Stucco Wall with Membrane Flashing
TD-O8C – Strip-In at Stucco Wall with Membrane Flashing (Vinyl Pre Strip)
TD-O8D – Strip-In at Stucco Wall with Tuff Clad Flashing (Metal Siding)
TD-O8E – Strip-In at Wall with Tuff Clad Flashing
TD-09 Wall Transition at Fiber Cement Siding with Rainscreen
TD-18 Removable Inside Wall Trim Board Detail
TD-19 Inside Perimeter Detail – Through Wall Flashing

Deck Railing Details

TD-12A Guardrail Attachment to Rain Screen Fascia
TD-12B Guardrail Attachment to Outside of Upstand Wall
TD-12C Guardrail Attachment to Inside of Upstand Wall
TD-12D Post on Pedestal Base
TD-12E Flush Mounted Guardrail

Deck Drainage Details

TD-06 Tuff-Seal PVC Coated Overflow Drain
TD-14 Typical Tuff-Seal Drain
TD-17 Typical Tuff-Clad PVC Box Scupper

Specialty Waterproofing Details

TD-05 Typical Wood Curb or Skylight Flashing
TD-10 Membrane Tie-In to Shingle Roof System
TD-11 Deck to Wall Interface
TD-15 Typical Post Wrap Detail Field Formed
TD-16A Door Sill Detail
TD-16B Door Sill Detail Field Formed
TD-26 Typical Tuff-Clad Inside Wall Flashing
TD-27 Tufdek PVC Drip Flashing
TD-30 Tarping Directions

If you didn’t find the information you were looking for on our Econodek sitemap, please call us toll-free at 1-877-860-9333 and talk to our vinyl decking experts.

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