Econodek – Vinyl Deck Installation Information

Econodek waterproof vinyl deck installation information for DIYers and contractors. Econodek vinyl should only be installed on dry deck flooring made from solidly constructed, tongue and groove plywood with at least a 5/8″ or 3/4″ thickness. To ensure your vinyl deck has an adequate slope away from the building or structure (a minimum grade of 1/8″ per foot or greater is recommended) see our page on Tips for Building Your Deck.

NOTE: Ensure that the lumber and deck surface is completely dry and install the waterproof vinyl deck flooring only during warm dry weather. Do not install Econodek vinyl decking on pressure treated wood, K-3 board, particle board, or OSB.

Measuring Your Deck Surface

Econodek™ vinyl deck flooring is 72″ (6 feet) wide, which allows for fewer seams or overlap joints, resulting in a more finished deck appearance. Use our online Deck Flooring Calculator to find out what materials and Econodek products you will need. Keep in mind that in order to determine the correct amount of Econodek vinyl deck covering required you will need to allow for the following:

  1. Extra 4″ of vinyl down the outside to finish deck edges
  2. Extra 6” – 8″ of vinyl for all building walls or upturns
  3. Extra 1.5″ of vinyl for each overlap vinyl flooring seam that’s required

Vinyl deck flooring overlap seams may be installed running parallel or perpendicular to the wall with equal success. It’s up to the vinyl deck flooring installer or customer to first sketch and accurately measure the deck in order to decide on the most economical way to layout the Econodek vinyl deck flooring panels.

Vinyl Deck Installation Brochure

Our Econodek Installation Brochure outlines the materials you will need including the Econodek vinylaccessoriesadhesives, and flashings. It also outlines the vinyl deck flooring layout, adhesion guidelines, and deck finishing guidelines. Below is an overview of the tools you will need to install your new Econodeck vinyl deck flooring.

Protective Gloves
Dust Mask
Ear Protection
Safety Goggles
Power Drill
Belt Sander

Razor Knife
5” Putty Knife
1 ½” Green Masking Tape
Tin Snips
Solvent Resistant Paint Roller

Chalk Line
Straight Edge or Ruler
Tape Measure
Soapy Water
Plastic Wallpaper Spreader
Empty Bucket

Once your vinyl deck flooring is installed, in order to retain the color of Econodek products, be sure to follow the Maintenance Instructions brochure for tips on how to clean and care for your new vinyl decking. It also explains how to deal with tougher stains and how to properly use a pressure washer on your waterproof vinyl deck.

If you need assistance or still have questions, please call our Econodek sales and support team toll free at 1-877-860-9333, or send us an email at

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