Econodek Vinyl - Do It Yourself Installation - Video Series

Waterproof Econodek™ vinyl is an easy to install deck covering that will enhance, beautify, and create dry usable space beneath your deck. This long lasting, tough, textured vinyl decking product will provide years of enjoyment with minimum maintenance. The following complete step-by-step vinyl decking installation videos will help guide you through your Econodek Waterproof Vinyl Decking install. Please consult local building codes and/or consult with a building specialist in your area for any additional deck construction details. National Research Council Canada also offers National Building Code of Canada publications.

Complete Vinyl Decking Installation Video

Step-By-Step Vinyl Decking Installation Videos

Step 1 - Safety & Materials

Step 2 - Getting Your Deck Ready

Step 3 - Preparing The Deck Surface

Step 4 - Gluing The Deck

Step 5 - Laying Out Econodek Vinyl

Step 6 - Properly Cutting Your Vinyl Decking Panels

Step 7 - Installing Econodek Vinyl

Step 8 - Gluing Econodek To Your Deck

Step 9 - Gluing Econodek On The Wall

Step 10 - Gluing Econodek Over The Deck Edge

Step 11 - Liquid Welding Vinyl Overlapping Seams

Step 12 - Inside Corners With Econodek

Step 13 - Outside Corners With Econodek

Step 14 - Installing Metal L-Trim

Contractor Install - Installing a Drain

For more information about vinyl decking installation, please visit our Detailed Installation Information Page.

Detailed Installation Information