Econodek Vinyl Decking Colors & Membrane Patterns

Manufactured by Tuff Industries, Econodek vinyl decking colors have been designed to transform any outdoor deck surface to achieve maximum styling and performance. Our vinyl decking design team has struck the perfect balance by developing vinyl decking colors that help hide any build-up of dirt, dust, and grime, while maintaining functionality and modern styling. We also carry matching L-Trim Termination Bars that add the perfect finish to the outside edge of your next deck project.

Available colors for our vinyl deck covering options include 3D Pebblestone, Agate, Topaz, Marble Grey, Grey Timber and Brown Timber. The color options for our waterproof deck coverings will help make your outdoor living space beautiful. Treat your new Econodek™ flooring with care and it will last for decades!

If your Econodek™ vinyl deck flooring is for new construction, view our page that outlines Tips On Building Your Deck. To find out more about how to install our waterproof vinyl deck covering products, visit our DIY Installation Video page or our Detailed Installation Information page.

To calculate how much waterproof vinyl deck covering you will need to cover the surface of your patio, balcony, flat roof deck, pool deck, or any other outdoor surface, visit our Vinyl Decking Calculator page! Enter the length and width of your deck. The Decking Calculator will then provide you with a list of all of the necessary vinyl decking materials required to install your new Econodek™ vinyl deck flooring.

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Vinyl Decking Colors & Patterns by Econodek

Timber Grey vinyl decking sample

Econodek Grey Timber

3D Pebblestone vinyl decking sample

Econodek 3D Pebblestone

Timber brown vinyl decking sample

Econodek Brown Timber

Agate vinyl decking sample

Econodek Agate

Marble grey vinyl decking sample

Econodek Marble Grey

Topaz vinyl decking sample

Econodek Topaz 

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