What Is Econodek Vinyl?

Econodek Waterproof Vinyl Decking

What is Econodek?

Econodek is a tough, economical, waterproof vinyl decking product manufactured by Tuff Industries. This is an outdoor PVC deck membrane that’s easy to install on a variety of outdoor deck applications including patios and sundecks, flat roof decks, and balconies. This isn’t some cut-rate waterproof rubber coating that you simply paint onto your deck.

Econodek vinyl deck flooring is a Tuff Signature Brand. It’s a waterproof vinyl decking option that’s engineered to completely waterproof your deck and provide years of maintenance-free use because the vinyl deck membrane permanently adheres to your deck surface. This makes Econodek vinyl decking material ideal for use on concrete slabs, rooftop decks, and even pool decks!

The Econodek Difference

Econodek waterproof vinyl deck flooring products are designed and manufactured by Tuff Industries, a company with nearly three decades of deck waterproofing research and development, including lab and field testing. The walkable waterproof deck membrane was specifically developed as an easy-to-install quality vinyl decking, a waterproofing system that can be installed by handyman homeowners and DIYers, as well as construction contractors and waterproofing specialists. In fact, on our website, you’ll find a host of helpful advice and vinyl deck installation guidance including:

Econodek’s PVC deck membrane colors and waterproof vinyl decking options feature neutral earth tones like 3D Pebblestone, Grey Timber, Brown Timber, Topaz, Agate, and Marble Grey that were chosen to complement the exterior décor of virtually any home. You’ll simply love our Econodek waterproof flooring for decks because it is simple to install and because it will improve the look and performance of your outdoor living area!

Add Value to Your Home

Econodek waterproof decking options offer beautiful earth tone colors, long-lasting durability, and a one-time waterproofing system that if maintained, should last the life of your deck. Econodek waterproof deck flooring is not only designed for the enjoyment of the homeowner but also to add value to your home and protect your investment.

Other deck waterproofing products on the market such as liquid “paint-on” rubber deck coatings and “under deck” waterproofing systems, simply can’t stand up to Econodek vinyl deck flooring. When measured for durability, performance, and aesthetics, Econodek looks better and performs better. Econodek membrane flooring will be your least expensive waterproof decking option year over year when you calculate the daily life cycle cost of Econodek against other deck waterproofing options.

Quality Tested Waterproof Deck Flooring

At Econodek we feel so strongly about our quality vinyl decking that we have our products regularly audited and tested by Intertek (Warnock Hersey), an independent international testing agency. By having Econodek™ vinyl flooring audited by an independent third party, our quality guarantee is consistent for all existing and future customers. Our goal is to ensure that our Econodek vinyl deck flooring lives up to all our claims and is always made to the same high standards that Tuff Industries has set for all it’s waterproof decking products.

To learn more about our waterproof vinyl product quality and testing process, please visit our Testing and Approval page. Econodek waterproof deck flooring also comes with a 10 year product warranty.

To calculate the materials required to waterproof your patio, balcony, or roof deck surface visit our vinyl decking calculator page.

To speak with our expert sales and support team directly, call toll free at 1-877-860-9333 or email us at

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