Choosing a Vinyl Surface for Pool Decks

Choosing a Vinyl Surface for Pool Decks
Flip flop shoes on poolside vinyl decking surface

Who doesn’t love a good pool? What becomes a pain is dealing with the pool surround. Typically concrete, over time the pool deck surface can heave and crack – leaving the homeowner with an unattractive surface. Fortunately, a vinyl decking surface can be just the ticket to restoring a pool surround.

Vinyl Pool Decks – Immediate Improvement

With different colors and patterns available, installing a vinyl decking surface around your pool can inject some character and immediately enhance your surroundings. Besides being more enjoyable to use, a new vinyl surface can help to sell your home.

Save with a Vinyl Pool Deck Surface

Tearing out and re-pouring an existing pool surround is a big and costly job. For a quick, more affordable fix, consider covering it with the Econodek vinyl decking surface. The rugged, multi-ply construction of a vinyl deck membrane makes it an ideal material to hold up to the impact of daily family activity around your pool.

While you’ll need to ensure that your existing pool surface is smooth and all cracks are filled, installing a vinyl pool deck surface is fairly straightforward and will only take a few days.

Keep Cool(er)

Concrete can absorb a lot of heat from the sun, which in turn can be uncomfortable on tender feet or young feet. Vinyl decking with a UV coating can reflect the sun’s rays, keeping the pool deck surface cool and comfortable. No more running across the pool surround to avoid burning feet!

Econodek vinyl decking is also a bit more comfortable on your feet than concrete. If you’ve noticed that you avoid walking on your pool deck it might be time to install vinyl decking as a cushier alternative.

More Pool Time

Concrete requires a fair amount of maintenance. Each year it needs regular cleaning to avoid it turning green, and material can regularly get caught in its porous surface. Imagine never having to scrub your pool surround, or use caustic chemicals to keep the pool deck surface clean. With a new vinyl deck surface, you’ll just need to sweep and hose a few times per year.

Instead of boring grey concrete that requires regular maintenance, install the Econodek vinyl deck surface around your pool. You can choose from a range of colors and patterns and in just a few days you can have a brand new pool deck surround made from high-quality PVC vinyl to help you enjoy your pool!

Talk to the vinyl decking experts at Econodek about adding vinyl decking around your pool. You can contact them online or by email, or call Econodek toll free at 1-877-766-1366.


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