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Top Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Having trouble finding the perfect Christmas gift for your outdoor enthusiast? We have a terrific list of items covering all budgets – all available online! Take the hassle out of shopping this year and let your fingers do the work with these top gift ideas:

Gifts for Outdoor Lovers Under $25

Picnic Brew Stix Bottle Holders ($16)

Never have to search for a place to put your drink with one of these! Simply push into the ground and voila! (Find it at Home Wet Bar)

BBQ Grill Mat ($13)

Now the barbecue master in your family can try it all, as this thin mat lets heat through without letting food fall into the grill. We’re talking pizza, melted cheese, even pancakes! (Find it at Amazon)

LED Patio Umbrella Light ($7+)

At some light and ambiance to a vinyl deck, roof deck or patio. Install these lights inside a patio umbrella for a touch of something special. You can find these lights just about anywhere, but Home Wet Bar offers easy online ordering.

BBQ Popcorn Popper ($13)

Plan an outdoor movie night or simply enjoy fresh popcorn – without having to step inside! So easy to make and delicious, the perfect pairing for a night enjoying the view from a vinyl roof deck. (Find it

Nautical Ship Bell ($25)

Ahoy! Please the captain in your life with this fun ship bell, they can hang it on their vinyl deck and use it to ring the family up for dinner. (Find it at Home Wet Bar)

Mosquito Repellent Bracelet ($25)

When bugs start bugging while enjoying time on a vinyl deck, help keep the pests away with this gift – it will be appreciated! (Find it at Amazon)

Gifts for Outdoor Lovers Under $50

Light Up Bocce Ball ($45+)

No longer do you have to abandon a fun game of bocce when it grows dark (or turn on an annoying spotlight). Simply pick up a glow-in-the-dark bocce ball! (Find it at Play A Boule)

Beverage Tub. ($30+)

Check out Home Wet Bar’s range of beverage tubs – they make keeping drinks cold easy and stylish.

Gifts for Outdoor Lovers Under $100

LadderBall ($55)

It’s a game that entertains everyone – from the very young to the young at heart. Everyone can join in the fun! Find a sturdy metal version (that will last you longer) at REI and other retailers.Ultimate Ears Wonderboom ($80)

Now everyone can enjoy terrific, portable sound vinyl decks of any size, plus take their gift on the road for camping, boating, etc. Great sound and a great gift for music enthusiasts – find it at Amazon and Brookstone.

Clean Sweeper ($90)

Does your spouse/father/mother/brother/ etc. spend hours sweeping leaves? Help them invest in a gas and motor-free timesaver. This little contraption quickly sweeps up leaves so there’s more time to enjoy the view from a vinyl deck. Easy! (Available from Herrington Catalog).

Gifts for Outdoor Lovers Under $200

Heat Lamp/Table ($140)

We at Econodek love products that can do double duty – especially in small space! This products is a table and a heat lamp, so everyone can enjoy time on the vinyl deck even when the temperature cools, without sacrificing space. (Find it at Amazon).

Grill2Go ($105+)

Those who really love to grill don’t want the impediment of not having the right tools when away from their vinyl deck or patio. This little guy does the job well, no matter where they end up. Tailgate parties, camping, or as an extra grill at the next family reunion, this little model can get it done. Find it a Lowes and other outdoor stores.

Does your gift receiver really need a new deck surface? How about offering to pitch in for a weekend to install a new vinyl deck membrane? Now that’s a thoughtful gift!