Waterproof Plywood Deck | Econodek™

Waterproof Plywood Deck | Econodek™
Man installing waterproof Vinyl decking during new home construction

Waterproof Plywood Deck – Econodek Vinyl Decking

So, you have a deck, you have plywood on it, and now you are wondering how to cover it. An Econodek DIY vinyl deck system is the best waterproof plywood deck solution for your outdoor space. Econodek waterproof vinyl decking is a complete waterproof deck system that is your walkable and waterproofing surface all in one. In 14 easy steps, you can transform your deck into a cozy and comfortable outdoor space. Contact us today about using Econodek vinyl decking on your next project!

Econodek Installation

Econodek is designed as a DIY deck solution with low installation costs for both homeowners and contractors. You can install Econodek on plywood and concrete. When installing on plywood we recommend 3/4″ standard tongue and groove as we do not want any flex in the deck itself. When covering an existing deck that has, for instance, slotted lumber you could use 5/8″ plywood. We then follow our detailed step-by-step installation videos that which will take you through a complete Econodek install. Our Econodek team is here to guide you all along the way. No matter the question our experienced customer support team is available and happy to help Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm PST. With over 30 years of waterproofing decks the right way there are not too many situations we haven’t seen before.

Fast & Free Quick Quote

How much does it cost? This is a great question and we want to jump right to it. We want you to know the cost right away as you need this information while researching solutions for your deck. Our online deck calculator will provide you with a total materials cost to use an Econodek deck kit for your project. If your deck is an irregular shape or you want a personalized quote then simply visit our contact us page or send us an email at info@econodek.com and we will quote it for you. Our usual response time is within 24 hrs from Monday to Friday.

Free Samples

We want to mail you samples of our decking so you can see for yourself the quality and color patterns. When contacting us about your plywood deck let us know you would like to see samples of Econodek and our team will mail out a package to you at no charge. You will receive a sample pack of all of our designs along with our Econodek brochures. If you have a preferred color pattern in mind then let us know that as well and we will send you a larger sample size of that colorway.

Contact Us Today

Waterproofing  your deck also provides valuable under deck storage that is protected from the elements.

Even though we have mentioned this a couple of times already we want to hear from you. You can reach via the contact page of our website, toll-free at 1-877-860-9333, or send us an email to info@econodek.com.

Our Econodek team is ready to discuss using Econodek waterproof vinyl decking on your project. So, stop maintaining your deck and start enjoying it with Econodek today!


Econodek Vinyl Decking Is Your Waterproof Plywood Deck Solution


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