Deck Installation Cost | Econodek™

Deck Installation Cost | Econodek™
deck installation cost

Deck Installation Cost – Econodek Vinyl Decking

Fast & Free Quick Quote

Ordering Econodek Waterproof Vinyl Decking is simple and easy to do. Use our fast and free online deck calculator to calculate the vinyl deck installation cost of materials you will need to waterproof your outdoor surface. Once you submit your order online, an Econodek representative will review ensuring you have everything you need. You will then be contacted with payment information.

If at any time during the process you wish to speak to someone directly simply call our toll-free number at 1-877-860-9333 or send us an email. Our inside sales and technical team are always ready and happy to help.

List Of Materials

The Econodek Deck Calculator determines the deck installation cost of materials for your project based on the size of your deck surface. Enter the length and width of your deck and click the calculate button and you will see an item by item list of the recommended materials properly install Econodek. You can at this time choose your color choice of Econodek vinyl decking as well as the L-Trim Termination Bar and Caulking.

Deck Installation Cost Layout

Below the item listing of recommended materials, you will see the deck installation layout. This is a guide to show you how to install your materials. The vinyl layout was chosen based on the best cost savings for the dimensions of your project. Our deck calculator can only estimate square or rectangular decks. If you have an L shaped deck you will need to calculate the different areas separately to determine all materials and adjust your order accordingly. If you have an odd-shaped deck please contact our office to speak to one of our sales representatives who will help you with your materials quote.

Add To Cart

Once you are satisfied with the colors and quantities of your order simply hit the Add to Cart button. The next page will show the product, price, quantity, and total of your order. At this time you can make changes and update your cart or go ahead and proceed to checkout. If you are placing your order from the United States please take the time to read the following information before placing your order. US Shipping Policy

Contact Information

Once you place your order you will then be prompted to provide your contact information. You can also provide any additional information about your order in the box provided. Once you place your order you will be contacted by an Econodek Business Manager to verify the details of your order and answer any questions you may have. Your Econodek order will not be processed until after you have spoken to an Econodek representative.

Speak To An Expert

Most install questions can be answered by visiting our Detailed Installation Information page. If you have any other questions at any time we are here to help.

Please visit our contact us page or call us toll-free at 1-877-860-9333 and ask to speak to an Econodek DIY expert today!


Deck Installation Cost – Econodek


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