Wood Plank Decking | Econodek™

Wood Plank Decking | Econodek™
wood plank decking

Wood Plank Decking – Econodek™

Wood plank decking from Econodek is the perfect complement to any outdoor space. Econodek DIY waterproof vinyl decking completely waterproofs your deck, porch, balcony, rooftop deck, or pool surround. You get the look of real wood without the hassles of re-staining, re-coating, and it is always splinter-free! Great for pets and kids of all ages Econodek can create dry usable space underneath your deck. Econodek is easy to install and looks great! Stop maintaining your deck and start enjoying it today!

Ideal for DIYers, Contractors & Waterproofing Experts

Econodek was specifically developed and designed for DIYers, construction contractors, and waterproofing specialists alike. To speak with our expert sales and support team directly call toll free at 1-877-860-9333 or visit our Contact Us page today for more information.

Econodek has 2 brand new DIY wood plank decking designs of our waterproof outdoor flooring. Econodek Grey Timber and Brown Timber give you that waterproofing wood look that you or your contractor can install yourselves. Visit our Video installation page for more information about what is involved in using Econodek on your next project.

wood plank design

wood plank designs

Contact Econodek

Contact us today for your waterproofing needs. Our Econodek team is always ready to help. Waterproof Econodek™ vinyl is an easy to install deck covering that will enhance, beautify, and create dry usable space beneath your deck. This long-lasting, tough, textured vinyl decking product will provide years of enjoyment with minimum maintenance.

Econodek waterproof wood plank decking options offer beautiful earth tone colors, long-lasting durability, and a one-time waterproofing system that if maintained, should last the life of your deck. Econodek waterproof deck flooring is not only designed for the enjoyment of the homeowner but also to add value to your home and protect your investment. Our team of waterproofing decking professionals are ready to discuss your next outdoor project. Simply send us an email at info@econodek.com to discuss using Econodek on your outdoor space.

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