Keep Warm with 5 Tips for Vinyl Patios and Decks

Keep Warm with 5 Tips for Vinyl Patios and Decks
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Even if the days are still warm, the afternoons are quickly cooling off, which results in less enjoyment of vinyl patios and decks. However, you can enjoy vinyl decks longer into the Fall and even Winter months with these few tips:

Tip One: Add Heat on Vinyl Patios and Decks

If cold vinyl decks and patios aren’t your forte, add some heat! The solution could be as easy as a few cozy blankets, or you could invest in an outdoor heater that runs off an existing gas line or portable propane tank. It’s that easy!

Tip Two: Close in Vinyl Patios and Decks

Cooler Autumn winds and rain can quickly dampen a nice evening out on vinyl patios and decks. Solution – a roof or walls. Even if the additions are temporary, cutting out the wind or providing a dry space can help you feel warmer.

As an extra bonus, adding a trellis or other lattice to the sides of your deck can enhance privacy, while also giving you a place to grow flowers or climbing vines.

Tip Three: Lights Equal Warmth

Sitting in the dark on vinyl patios and decks can’t help you feel warm, so unless you’re stargazing it might be time to install some lighting. Lanterns can add a cozy feeling, while solar string lights are more festive. Both are quick, easy, and affordable. For a simple solution, light some candles or torches.

Tip Four: Brightness Feels Warm

Sometimes drab vinyl decks can feel cold, even when the temperature is balmy. You can warm up vinyl patios and decks by adding some color. A few ideas include a throw rug (which helps keep feet warm too), throw pillows, cushions, and bright plants in colorful pots.

Tip Five: Fire on Vinyl Patios and Decks

As long as you protect the vinyl decking under a fire table or fire pit, there’s no reason why you can’t add some flames to your outdoor space. Besides adding heat, fire can create a cozy atmosphere where the whole family will want to spend time.

Finally, a new waterproof vinyl membrane and vinyl deck railings can make a huge difference towards helping vinyl patios and decks feel “warmer.” If you have slats for a deck floor, a vinyl membrane can prevent draughts, while over a concrete or paving stone patio vinyl decking can help insulate your feet from the cold. Consider investing in vinyl decking to help your patio or deck feel warmer and more inviting.

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