Top 5 Reasons to Replace a Vinyl Surface this Fall

Top 5 Reasons to Replace a Vinyl Surface this Fall
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Summer is cooling down, and while it might be time to take things indoors, it’s also time to consider replacing the vinyl surface of your deck or patio. Why? We have a few reasons, here you go:

Reason #1: Good Deals on Vinyl Surfaces

Fall is the time when most homeowners and others plan for vinyl deck replacements – so there are a lot of choices on the market. This means more supply, which in turn equates to great deals on vinyl deck surfaces. If you DIY, then you can expect to have a great choice of vinyl membrane, as well as a selection of affordable price points.

Reason #2: Cooler Weather for Vinyl Deck Replacement

It’s perfectly reasonable to not plan to replace a vinyl deck surface during the summer – it’s hot! Fall is a great time to replace a vinyl membrane, as the temperature is much more reasonable. Even if there’s rain in the forecast, a tarp can help keep the area dry while you work, without having to get heatstroke in the process.

Reason #3: No Waiting in Spring

Sure, you could hold off until the temperature warms in the New Year. But…why? Why hope that the weather warms, that the rain (or snow) goes away quickly, or that you’ll have time to get the job done when it does. A fall replacement, especially earlier in the season, will provide you with temperate weather, less rain, and give you more time to enjoy your new vinyl deck surface come spring.

Reason #4: Better Vinyl Surface Selection

Because the fall months are the busiest for replacing vinyl deck surfaces, manufacturers gear up their processes so that there is a good amount of stock available. So, you’ll have tons of choice when it comes to the style and pattern of your selected vinyl membrane. However, if you wait until spring, you might find that the early birds have grabbed all the best patterns, leaving you with the drab remains.

Reason #5: Procrastination Problems

If your current vinyl membrane is showing signs of wear and tear, then now (not later) is the best time to replace the vinyl surface. Waiting until spring could allow time for water to seep under a failing vinyl surface and lead to water damage or rot. Get on top of it now, and have a worry-free spring.

Check out our line of high-quality, durable vinyl surfaces and start planning your replacement!

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