5 Fall Upgrades for Vinyl Patios

5 Fall Upgrades for Vinyl Patios
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Before you pack up and head inside for another long winter, there are a few things vinyl patios can use to look better and improve your enjoyment. Tuff Industries has a few suggestions for owners of vinyl patios:

Upgrade #1: Install a Roof

When the fall/winter weather in your area is still bearable, perhaps a bit rainy, you can get more life out of vinyl patios with a roof. Imagine barbecuing in October, or getting cozy under a blank in November.

As an added bonus, a covered deck means that snow won’t accumulate on the vinyl deck surface, so you’ll be able to enjoy vinyl patios earlier in the Spring. Just make sure that the footings of your new roof is secure and able to handle the load.

Upgrade #2: Lighting

To point out the obvious, it gets dark earlier! So why not set up some lights to create a cozy atmosphere that you can enjoy in the late afternoons and evenings. There are tons of options to choose from, whether it’s solar garden lights, overhead lanterns, or string lights. Pick one that matches the style of your vinyl patio area and run with it!

Upgrade #3: Fix-Up Furniture for Vinyl Patios

Although there are great deals on furniture in the Fall, you can also spruce up your furniture without replacing it. Metal patio furniture can be painted with rust-covering paint – in a wide variety of colors. You’ll get several more years of use and in turn you can enhance your vinyl patios appearance.

Added tip: Buy a few planters or pots that match or complement the new colors of your furniture, now is the time to save!

Upgrade #4: Enhance Privacy – Plant!

Fall is a perfect time to plant new trees, as you’ll have time to water well before winter. In the spring, you’ll be rewarded with lots of new growth and an established root system to keep the plants healthy through summer.

Additionally, if there are bare areas around vinyl patios it’s a perfect time to plant bulbs for some spring color. And they’ll come back, year after year.

Upgrade #5: Install a New Vinyl membrane

Fall is the right time to consider replacing the vinyl membrane on vinyl patios – so you can enjoy a brand-new look come spring. Additionally, you’ll gain waterproof decking protection over the winter.

There are fantastic choices when it comes to covering vinyl patios with waterproof decking, check out the selection.


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