Spring Cleaning Steps for Vinyl Deck Surfaces | Econodek™

Spring Cleaning Steps for Vinyl Deck Surfaces | Econodek™
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While in some parts of North America it’s hard to imagine it, but spring is right around the corner. Since it’s almost time to get vinyl deck surfaces ready for spring, we thought we’d bring you these quick and easy tips to get vinyl decks and vinyl patios ship-shape so you can begin enjoying them.

Step #1: Start above vinyl deck surfaces

Remember the scene in “Annie” when she’s trying to figure out the best way to clean the mansion? Vinyl deck surfaces are a bit like that – without forethought you’ll just end up cleaning the same place twice. Start above the deck surface with gutters and roof debris, then move down to walls, windows, and vinyl deck railings. Finally, you’ll be ready to tackle vinyl deck surfaces.

Step #2: Wash windows!

This goes hand-in-hand with the step above and is something you want to complete before you get to cleaning vinyl deck surfaces themselves. Why clean windows, even if they look clean? Because all kinds of dirt, debris, even air pollution can stick to the surface. From inside, you’ll notice that the view to your vinyl deck or patio is that much more inviting.

Step #3: Clear clutter off vinyl deck surfaces

Start by removing everything you can move from vinyl deck surfaces. After cleaning, start by moving back essential pieces and a few pieces of décor. Prune back trees, weed, and soon you’ll find that decluttered vinyl deck surfaces feel cleaner and bigger than ones that are full of miscellaneous stuff.

Step #4: Tackle vinyl deck furniture

Dingy, dented, or dirty vinyl deck furniture will not help you enjoy a relaxing time outdoors. When you’re in the middle of step three above, take a time out to wash and scrub all of your vinyl deck furniture. Consider repainting and recovering if you can, otherwise toss it and invest in a new set.

Step #5: Clean the vinyl decking

When everything above and around is clean, and furniture/accessories are removed, you can clean the vinyl surface. All you need is water and a soft bristle brush! Notice while you are at it where water is going, as pooling or running towards the house might be a warning sign of bigger issues.

Step #6: Start greenery and flowers

Don’t forget the area surrounding vinyl deck surfaces, as they are key to having an enjoyable space. Pull out any dead plants, trim back where needed, and considering installing some new varieties early so they have a chance to fill out before summer arrives.

Step #7: Plan an upgrade of vinyl deck surfaces

After a clean and declutter, you might decide that this is the year for an upgrade. Fortunately, replacing a vinyl deck surface is pretty straightforward. Check out our line of great vinyl decking products and start planning!

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