Low Maintenance Vinyl Decking – Alternative to Wood Deck

Low Maintenance Vinyl Decking – Alternative to Wood Deck
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While most of us love the look of wood decks, it’s the annual maintenance that’s a major drawback. Rather than spending hours sanding and staining, perhaps it’s time to find an alternative to a wood deck surface that significantly cuts down on maintenance. Econodek recommends covering your deck surface with vinyl decking. Here’s why:

Vinyl Decks – Ready for Spring in Minutes

Do you love it when spring arrives, but cringe inside at the amount of cleanup and maintenance you’re going to have to do before enjoying your deck? If so, resurface your deck with a vinyl deck membrane. Then, all you will need to do each spring is sweep and hose, and your new deck is ready to use.

Almost Zero Maintenance

Other than ensuring that everything is good to go after a cleanup, there’s very little maintenance associated with vinyl deck coverings. Compared to wood decks and other types of deck materials, low maintenance vinyl decking doesn’t need a lot of care so that you can free up your time for other things.

Save Money (and more) with Vinyl Decking

If you count all the time you spend maintaining your deck, as well as the cost of materials for sanding, staining, brushes, and clean up, it all adds up very quickly. Multiply that by the number of years your deck can last, and yikes, it can be a lot more than you expected! Now picture no materials, and little time spent – that’s some serious savings! A new vinyl deck surface can last 20 years or more, so you can enjoy the savings long term with less effort and maintenance.

Gain More Space

You can make your deck do double-duty by installing a vinyl deck surface. By making the space underneath your deck completely waterproof, you can use it for storage or as a second area to entertain.

Help the World

It might not seem like it, but wood decks aren’t that great for the environment over the long term. While wood certainly is a renewable resource, the products used to protect the wood and keep it water resistant is not. Sanding, staining, sealing – all these activities use harmful products that can leech into the ground or the air. Additionally, any leftover product has to be disposed of safely. Now add this up over the life of your deck – that’s a lot of toxins that can be avoided.

The alternative to wood deck is to install a waterproof vinyl deck surface. Built to last using the latest technology, at the end of its lifespan the vinyl deck membrane can even be recycled back into new products.

So, why have a wood deck if there’s something that takes less effort, offers better protection and cost less over the life of your deck? You could have a sundeck, patio, balcony or roof deck that not only always looks great, but also doesn’t need you to take care of it annually! Take a look at our great line of waterproof vinyl decking products.

To find out more about replacing your wood deck surface with a waterproof vinyl deck covering, please contact Econodek online or by email, or call our waterproof deck experts toll free at 1-877-766-1366.

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