6 Inspirations for Improving Decks & Patios this Spring

6 Inspirations for Improving Decks & Patios this Spring
Patio bench with colourful pillows

Now that spring has arrived in our part of the world, you’re likely looking forward to warmer afternoons spent relaxing on your patio, balcony, or outdoor vinyl deck. If your vinyl patio or deck needs a bit of work before you’re ready to relax into it, here are some places you might want to start:

Spring Tip #1: Add Zones

Rather than just a table and chairs, consider including an entertainment “zone” on your vinyl patio or deck. A few more comfortable chairs or sectional outdoor couch can make all the difference in helping your deck/patio become a place where everyone wants to relax.

Spring Tip #2: Add Some Flair

If your deck color has neutral shades of brown, taupe, beige, grey, white, etc., then it might be time to jazz it up a bit. Add color and patterns with new pots, new cushions, and a few accessories. Old metal chairs are a great fit – they can be brushed off and painted quickly with a rust-proof paint to add some flair to your deck in just an afternoon. A few plants can also add a much-needed dash of color.

Spring Tip #3: Add More Color Flair!

A plant or two is great, but if you really want your vinyl patio/deck to feel like home you might need to take it up a notch. Here are a few more places where you can add color to your outdoor deck:

  • Colored paper lanterns
  • Mismatched cushions (with a common theme, such as flowers/birds/butterflies)
  • Figurines (owls, turtles, etc.)
  • Accessories (platters, jugs, plates, serving/BBQ tools)
  • Picture frames (painted and hung on walls)

Look for great deals at thrift stores, dollar stores, garage sales, etc. You might need to clean up a few items to get them refreshed – but it will be worth it!

Spring Tip #4: Consider Privacy

If you love your vinyl deck or patio, but want some separation from the people who live beside it, then you might want to invest in some additional privacy. You can plant fast-growing bamboo, install a shade, or grow some flowering vines to both add privacy and make your deck more enjoyable to spend time on.

Spring Tip #5: Invest in Ease

Any tool or contraption that makes serving your guests, preparing meals, or cleaning up easier will help you enjoy your outdoor vinyl deck or patio more. This could be a new barbecue, outdoor kitchen, serving table, garbage can, drink pitchers, etc. The more you let your guests serve themselves, the less you will have to do!

Spring Tip #6: Less Time Maintaining your Vinyl Patio or Deck

If you currently have an older wood deck or concrete patio, you might be dreading the need to get out there and clean up before you can enjoy your space. A new vinyl deck surface could make all the difference, so you can spend more time enjoying and entertaining this year.

Econodek has all the waterproof vinyl decking products that any DIYer might need to resurface an old deck or waterproof a new deck surface. You can contact the Econodek deck experts online or by email, or call them toll free at 1-877-766-1366.

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