5 Tips for Happy Neighbours During Vinyl Deck Construction

5 Tips for Happy Neighbours During Vinyl Deck Construction
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Have you ever had to deal with neighbours that have no consideration for your well-being? Those that do yard work at odd hours, have constant construction or car repair going on, or have regular parties that go all hours? You don’t want to be that person, which is why it’s important to undertake a few tips if you’re planning on vinyl deck construction:

Tip #1: Provide Notice of Vinyl Deck Buildings

Unexpected construction can impact your neighbours – with noise, clutter, and inconvenience. By providing notice you can ensure that your neighbours are ready for any impact your construction might have and feel less inconvenience. Have a chat with the neighbors on your street, and those that back onto your property about the length and breadth of your project, as well as providing your contact information should they have a question or concern.

Tip #2: Ensure Proper Permits

Nosy neighbours can quickly become combative when they don’t appreciate the noise, clutter, and inconvenience of your vinyl deck construction project. Even by providing notice, some may look for a way to put the brakes on your build. Head the off at the pass by ensuring all aspects of your project are above board – that means having a proper building permit and posting it where all can see.

Tip #3: Keep Noise Down

There’s nothing worse than noisy neighbours – especially during the hours where one would typically like to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. If you’re DIYing your deck, you might not have much time during the week, but do your best to keep the noise level down in the evenings and weekends, or at least wait until normal daytime and early evening hours.

Tip #4: Tote your Trash

Whether you’re embarking on a new deck project, or just replacing a vinyl deck surface, you’ll have to cart away a fair amount of construction wasted during the process. Ensure your waste is removed quickly and effectively to avoid making your neighbourhood an eyesore. Renting a bin is probably the best option, since you can schedule the removal without having to take waste away yourself.

Tip #5: Celebrate!

Reward your neighbours for their patience and understanding by hosting a backyard party. It’s a nice gesture and will help smooth over any bad feelings about your build.

Installing a new deck surface isn’t difficult – but managing relationships with those you live near can be, unless you undertake some tips to keep everyone happy during your vinyl deck replacement.

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