Vinyl Deck Safety Month

It’s National Deck Safety Month – So Check Your Vinyl Deck!

Take Time for Safe Vinyl Decks

With May being National Deck Safety Month, we encourage all deck owners to check their decks. Each year hundreds, even thousands of decks have structural issues that lead to injuries, even deaths. With the weather warming, now is a great time to check over vinyl decks for the following:

Weather Woes on Vinyl Decks

Roofing and siding protect your home from water, wind, sun, etc., but your deck doesn’t have quite as much protection yet is exposed to the same rigours. Waterproof vinyl membrane makes a big difference by keeping water and sun from damaging the underlying structure – as long as it’s still in its prime. Keeping an eye on your deck over time can help identify any issues with the vinyl decking or other elements.

Prevent Vinyl Deck Accidents

There’s little chance that a deck can just fail at random, in almost all cases there is a clear underlying issue that was undetected or ignored. Taking care of your deck means staying on top of any warning signs, issues, or signs of deterioration.

Deck Safety All Around

While your primary focus may be on the deck itself, there are other places where safety can be a concern – such as stairs, stair treads, railings, etc. Any sign of looseness should be taken care of as soon as possible, before an accident occurs.

Keep an Eye on Decking Lifespan

All decks have a lifespan, and while you can replace vinyl decking quickly and easily (which will certainly extend life), eventually you’ll start to see wear, decay, rot, or looseness, indicating it’s time for a replacement. Under your vinyl membrane, stay alert for any softness, which might be one of the first signs of a problem.

Many Decks at Risk

Approximately 40 million decks in North America are 20 years or older and many do not meet current building codes which are more stringent than before. Check your deck, take care of problems, and consider a few safety upgrades.

New Decking can Enhance Safety

Replacing or installing vinyl decking membrane on your deck can protect your deck by offering waterproof protection. Consider installing a new vinyl membrane on older decks, and complete a thorough inspection while you are at it and celebrate National Deck Safety Month!