Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts for Vinyl Deck-Loving Dads

Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts for Vinyl Deck-Loving Dads
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Father’s Day arrives in just a few days, are you ready? Help Dad enjoy time on his vinyl deck even more this year with some easy last-minute outdoor gifts for Father’s Day.

Relaxation Gifts for Hard-Working Dads

After a long day, does Dad like to spend time unwinding on his vinyl deck, patio or roof deck? You can help him destress with a comfortable chair, lounger or hammock (available at home and garden stores, Ikea, online, etc.). Better yet: if your Dad loves camping and fishing too find one that’s portable.

Getting Dad’s “Grill” On

Many Dads love to cook outdoors, and you can help him grill with satisfaction with a few handy tools and gadgets. For a perfect steak, consider a Bluetooth-capable meat thermometer so Dad can keep an eye on things, or a new set of grilling tools for every occasion.

To take his meat to the next level, consider a charcoal grill, some cedar planks, or even a smoker.

Perfect Beverages for Unwinding

For wine or beer lovers, perhaps a wine kit, brew kit, or a batch of the same at a U-Brew in town would be just the ticket? Dad can pick out his favorite Pilsner or Pinot Noir and enjoy his hard work all summer long.

Enjoy Some Tunes

Whether Dad loves his jazz or some classic rock, enjoying music while grilling or relaxing on his vinyl deck might not be something Dad has considered. You can help – either with a streaming service, Bluetooth speakers, or even just a comfy pair of headphones.

A New Grill for Great Vinyl Deck Meals

We all know Dads’ tend to get attached to what works, but if his grill looks like it’s from the Jurassic era, it might be time to help him enter this century. You’ll find tons of selections at big box home stores – but also consider smaller specialty stores which might have a better selection to find the perfect grill or barbecue for your Dad.

Cool Refreshments for Hot Dads

After a long day of yard work, your Dad might just want to have a cool drink to close out the day. If you know Dad’s favorite drink, you can help by finding the perfect glass set, mixer, ice cube tray, etc. If Dad loves a range or beverages or you’re not sure, consider a vinyl deck-friendly beer or wine fridge.

It might be hard for Dad to enjoy time on his vinyl deck, patio, or roof deck right now due to its’ condition – in which case the perfect Father’s Day gift might be lending him a hand to install and new vinyl deck membrane, railings, or roof. After all, what’s better for Father’s Day than spending time with your kids?

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