Locating the Source of Vinyl Deck Leaks

Locating the Source of Vinyl Deck Leaks
Image of water damage to floor joists from leaky pipes

Is your vinyl deck leaking?

Dealing with a leaky vinyl deck is serious business, as water finding its way under your deck can cause damage even before you know there is a problem. Learning how to identify the signs of a vinyl deck leaking and its source can go a long way towards preventing significant issues with water damage, mold, or rot – so learn how to find leaks.

Vinyl Deck Leaking Containment

The first step to containing a vinyl deck leak is stopping as much water damage as you can before you make repairs. This could mean putting a bucket under the leak, tarping off your deck, and generally stopping water from entering your building. If there is already significant water damage you might need a restoration company’s help to dry out wet areas while you investigate repairs.

Deck Leak Discovery

Finding out where the vinyl deck is leaking can take time and investigative prowess. Deck repair professionals have special tools they can use to detect moisture under the vinyl deck surface without having to damage the vinyl deck membrane. Unfortunately, you might not have that option, so your best bet is to start with the common places where water can enter the deck.

Investigate Common Locations of Vinyl Deck Leaks

There are a handful of locations where water can enter and cause vinyl deck leaking – especially if the deck is older and might not be sealed as well as it was originally. Here’s where to look:

  1. Check seams: Where the vinyl membrane joins another should have been properly sealed, but over time this seal can fail.
  2. Check around doors: When the vinyl deck surface was installed, it should have run under the door molding – otherwise, water could get in.
  3. Correct drainage: Backed up water can quickly find a way under vinyl decking, even if there’s no obvious point of ingress. Make sure your drains are clear and water is moving away from the deck.
  4. Check flashing: All flashing should be whole (no cracks or breaks) and correctly sealed.
  5. Coverage under siding: At least six inches.

If you are still having difficulty locating the source of where your vinyl deck is leaking you might want to employ the help of a professional – at least to find the leak and recommend a course of action.

Make Necessary Repairs

Unless the fix is quick and easy, and your current vinyl membrane is fairly recent,  you might want to consider a full waterproof decking replacement. This will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your deck is fully protected for the long term.

With Econodek waterproof outdoor flooring you can say goodbye to leaks. To find a color use our vinyl decking augmented reality app.

Contact Our Vinyl Decking Experts

If you still have questions about your vinyl deck leaking or a leaky patio or balcony, and would like to learn more about Econodek waterproof vinyl decking, please contact us.

We can be reached by email or call us toll-free at 1-877-860-9333.

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