Top Tips to Increase Vinyl Deck Privacy

Top Tips to Increase Vinyl Deck Privacy
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Have you recently installed a new waterproof vinyl deck or patio, but are now contending with deck privacy issues? Perhaps you have noisy or loud neighbours, bad sightlines, or associated traffic noise? Then perhaps it’s time to undertake a few tips to increase the privacy of your vinyl deck, courtesy of Econodek.

Tip One – Keep a tree or two

If there are currently trees surrounding your patio or sundeck, keep them! They’ll provide shade on hot days and increase privacy. However, if said tree drops a lot of sap, needles, etc., then it might be worthwhile to consider an alternative rather than deal with the mess. Evergreen trees are a great idea when it comes to enhancing privacy, or you can add visual interest to your deck during the summer months with tropical plants. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll want to choose plants that will tolerate where you live, whether it be harsh winters or hot and dry summers.

Tip Two – Install vinyl deck privacy fencing

A fence doesn’t have to encircle a vinyl deck to increase privacy, it merely has to add privacy where needed. It doesn’t have to be a solid wall, either, it can merely add a visual barrier between your vinyl deck and surroundings. For example, you can use lattice to establish a barrier, and then use climbing vines or a piece of artwork to enhance the space.

Tip Three – Deck privacy screens

Don’t discount the ease of simply hanging a curtain or screen to increase vinyl deck privacy. You can purchase ready-made screens, or make your own with a few yards of fabric from a local shop. Consider where you need privacy, when, and how much. For example, if you only need privacy part time but want to enjoy a view, you’ll want a way to easily move or roll up the panels to ensure that you can still have the view you want, when you want it.

Tip Four – Create a sound barrier

It’s hard to enjoy time on a vinyl sundeck or patio when you’re dealing with the sounds of traffic, airplanes, or noisy neighbors. The solution is to create a soothing sound to cover the noise, so you can relax in peace. A fountain or water feature is a terrific idea, or a wireless sound system so you can listen to music, rather than noise.

Tip Five – Awnings, shades, blinds, and canopies

Tilting deck awnings, umbrellas, and shade sails offer a break from the heat, and respite from prying eyes as well. You can choose your color, shape, and type of shade or canopy and hang as you see fit. Just remember that you’ll want it to be secure, so errant windstorms don’t cause havoc! It can also be handy to be able to reposition your new privacy shade, so you can block out the sun (or prying eyes) at different angles throughout the day or season.


Don’t let a lack of deck privacy ruin the enjoyment of your vinyl deck – after you install a new vinyl deck surface, embrace privacy!

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