Ask Econodek: What’s Involved In An Outdoor Deck Inspection?

Ask Econodek: What’s Involved In An Outdoor Deck Inspection?
Vinyl deck inspection with image of railing post nailed into deck flooring

You’re in your new home but if your new home has a deck, an outdoor deck inspection may be in order – especially if your deck is ten years old or older.

Why Do An Outdoor Deck Inspection?

Do you want to ensure your deck is safe? If your deck is covered with vinyl decking, is it still waterproof? Depending on the age of the deck and the last time it was waterproofed, it may be time to have an outdoor deck inspection done. Older decks, or any vinyl decking surface that is showing signs of unsteadiness or wear should be inspected and addressed if necessary.

Did you know? – Approximately 40 million decks are over 20 years old – and likely built to lesser building codes, which is why regular inspections are so important.

When Should Vinyl Decks be Inspected?

The older a deck is, the more often it should be inspected (i.e. annually). If there are any doubts about the soundness of your deck or deck surface you should contact a professional contractor, as they can tell you if there are any issues and advise what may be necessary and when the next inspection should occur.

More interesting info: Just 40% of existing decks are deemed to be “safe” (according to The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors). Wouldn’t you like to know if your deck is safe or not?

Can/Should You DIY the Outdoor Deck inspection?

Sure – up to a point. You can check that your outdoor deck seems structurally sound, as well as the post, beams, and underside. You can also check that water is flowing correctly off the deck and that the fastenings are adequate. However, if you have any qualms about the safeness of a vinyl deck, or if you notice water damage, it’s advisable to get an expert opinion.

How Much Does An Outdoor Deck Inspection Cost?

The cost for a deck inspection can vary by the inspector, type of inspection, and their reputation/length of time in business. It’s best to call a few and compare quotes, as well as the depth/breadth of the inspection and if they also do repairs. You can also ask around for reputable companies that have inspected and repaired decks in your area for recommendations.

It might seem like overkill to inspect something that’s just tacked onto the side of your home, but when you consider how often you use your outdoor deck (as well as your friends and family) it’s not hard to see why an outdoor deck inspection is vitally important. And, should it be required, waterproofing with a vinyl decking membrane can you enjoy your deck for many years to come.

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