7 Fabulous Accessories for Vinyl Decks & Patios

7 Fabulous Accessories for Vinyl Decks & Patios
Outdoor furniture accessories for vinyl decks and patios

Whether spring has arrived yet, or if you’re eagerly planning some relaxation time on vinyl decks and patios, now is a great time to pick up a few accessories to help you do just that. We have a few suggestions to suit different size decks, climates, and budgets.

Suggestions for Hot Vinyl Decks and Patios

You can’t go wrong with a misting hose! It’s affordable at around $20, widely available at home improvement stores and places like Walmart, and will help to cool the air around vinyl decks and patios by up to 20 degrees! What a perfect way to make your outdoor space more enjoyable, don’t you think?

If you’d rather an option to get out of the sun, a canvas shade is just the ticket. You can go low tech with shade sail on a rope or wire, or look into higher priced (but more flexible) retractable options. Places to go include most stores where you’ll find outdoor furniture, as well as some online retailers for different size and shape shades.

Suggestions for Great Food

Love bacon? Who doesn’t – but we sure don’t like cooking it! Consider a bacon BBQ grilling rack to make your life easier and more delicious. You can find them with barbecue accessories or on Amazon.

Stone-grilled pizza is a terrific option on hot days, and you can grab the stones at local stores or look online for different options, such as a set of four for individual pizzas for each family member.

Suggestions for Décor on Vinyl Decks & Patios

Let’s get green – put in a solar panel to charge your gear! No more going inside to check your phone, or you can work on your laptop while enjoying some fresh air. Even better, get a solar charging table that will do double duty!

Fire bowls are a great idea, especially with all the campfire bans lately. You can find models that double as coffee tables, all types of styles and price ranges, or even Google how to make your own with materials you can find at a local building or outdoor store.

Throw pillows and cushions are a terrific way to brighten up and refresh older vinyl decks and patios, without breaking the bank. You can find them wherever outdoor furniture is sold, or head to a fabric store and pick out your own pattern.

If, even with a few new accessories for vinyl decks and patios, you find that you’re still not loving your space – then it might be time to consider one of these vinyl deck surfaces for a fresh new look.

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