Simple Fix for an Ugly Vinyl Patio or Deck – New Vinyl Membrane

Simple Fix for an Ugly Vinyl Patio or Deck – New Vinyl Membrane
Image of Waterproof vinyl membrane installed on a dec

Is it time your vinyl deck got an “extreme makeover”? Well, before you start ripping everything out, did you know there’s an easy way to get a brand-new deck surface, without all the hassle of replacing your deck or patio? All you need is a vinyl membrane! Here’s why a vinyl membrane makes such a great choice to restore an ugly patio or deck:

Reason #1: Vinyl Membrane Installs are Quick!

Imagine how long it would take to completely tear out a patio or deck and start from scratch? An old deck or patio is like a vintage couch, as long as the bones are still good, why not just invest in new upholstery? With a new vinyl membrane over the surface of a patio or deck, you get the same result of a new deck, without all the work.

Reason #2: Instant Upgrade with Vinyl Membrane

Rest assured, even the ugliest patio or deck can look brand new with the installation of a vinyl membrane. All you need is some faith and a few days.

Reason #3: Long-Term Waterproof Deck Surface

If you’re already considering a new deck or patio surface, why not consider one that is completely waterproof? It will protect everything under the surface, and even prevent water from getting where it shouldn’t, such as into your home. As a bonus, the areas below the deck can now be used for storage, or as a secondary entertainment space. Cool!

Reason #4:  Tie in with Enhancements

Installing new vinyl decking also offers the advantage of allowing easy changes to patios or decks. The most popular option is to change the shape or size of the area, then cover it with vinyl decking to hide the alterations.

Reason #5: An Easier Fix

Does your patio or deck need help? It’s simple to make fixes before installing a vinyl membrane – since the membrane will hide any changes you make. For example, if the slope of your deck is off and water is starting to pool (or worse, run towards the house), you can correct the slope and then cover the deck with waterproof decking. Otherwise, you might have had to raise/lower the deck itself.

If it’s time for a change, check out how easy it is to install vinyl membrane on your deck or patio to make it new!

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