5 Tips for Planning Outdoor Kitchens on Vinyl Deck Surfaces

5 Tips for Planning Outdoor Kitchens on Vinyl Deck Surfaces
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Even though we are in the full (and terrible) grip of winter, the best way to break out of the doldrums is to start planning for spring. Perhaps with the installation of an outdoor kitchen on top of new vinyl deck surfaces?

If you already find that you spend too much time running between kitchen and deck or patio, then putting an outdoor kitchen on top of a new vinyl patio or deck is a terrific idea. But first, here are a few of our most helpful tips for planning:

#1: Planning for Cooking on Vinyl Deck Surfaces

First, make sure you have everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Some of us are happy with a simple grill or barbecue, while others salivate over extra options. If you think you’ll use those options, then by all means. Otherwise, you can use the extra space for preparation and clean up. It all depends on your cooking preferences, available space, and budget.

Second, before cooking anything on vinyl deck surfaces you want to ensure that surface is protected from spills, stains, and hot grease. This could be as simple as placing a second layer of vinyl membrane in the cooking area or investing in a grill mat.

#2: Enough Preparation Space

It’s a pain to have to prepare food inside while your family or guests are enjoying the outdoors, so when planning an outdoor kitchen leave room for countertops. Ideally, it would be amazing to have a sink as well to conduct some cleanup, but it all depends on the room you have and the availability to tie into plumbing.

#3: Storage Space for Everything Else

Like having to go inside for food prep, it’s also a pain when all of your cutlery, tools, and serving implements are likewise occupied. If there’s room, you can install drawers or cabinets over vinyl deck surfaces in order to offer storage space for everything you need.

#4: Placement of Outdoor Kitchens on Vinyl Deck Surfaces

Before the advent of vinyl deck membranes, outdoor kitchens were meant for patios and top-floor decks alone, as it was nearly impossible to waterproof a space below. Now, however, there’s no reason why you can’t install an outdoor kitchen on vinyl deck surfaces below a similarly waterproofed deck. Where you choose to put your kitchen is up to you – next to an entertainment area, pool, garden, or anywhere you’ll think it will get the most use (such as in a sheltered area).

#5: Planning Outdoor Kitchens on Vinyl Deck Surfaces

Installing new vinyl deck surfaces is pretty straightforward, but you might need a bit of extra help if you’re planning to put in an outdoor kitchen as well. For the most part, you simply want to make sure you’ll have what you need (such as gas, electricity, water, and drainage, if needed) and are able to get it where you need it to be.

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