Vinyl Deck or Patio? Choose Wisely!

build vinyl deck or patioAre you getting ready this fall (or next spring) to build a vinyl deck or patio, but are unsure which option you should choose? Depending on your home, they both might be worth thinking about. Here are some things to consider when deciding between the two:

Vinyl Deck and Patio Differences

This one is pretty straightforward – do you build on the ground, or above it? Patios typically are at ground level (or slightly above) while a deck is well off the ground. This also means that if you are choosing to build a deck you’ll also need to factor in a railing, while a patio usually does not require one. So, if you start with where you would like your deck/patio, you’ll have a good idea of where you want to build.

Cost Considerations

Of course, building a vinyl deck or patio is going to cost money – but is one significantly more expensive to build than the other? According to the National Association of Realtors, if you are choosing to build a vinyl deck you’ll pay about double that of a vinyl patio.

Before you jump on the patio wagon, consider these several factors that can affect the cost of your vinyl deck or patio:

  • The overall size of the project
  • Whether high quality (versus lower quality) materials are used
  • Whether a separate structure or attached to the home
  • Need for railings
  • Level or uneven ground

Maintenance of Vinyl Decks and Patios

You can rest easy here, as the same great Econodek™ vinyl membrane you would choose for your deck can also be used on a patio. This means that come rain, snow, ice, or other inclement weather you’ll just have to sweep and rinse to have a perfect deck surface.

Still not sure what to choose? Ask yourself the following:

  • Large or small? (Patios are easier to build larger)
  • Do you need space for a barbecue or kitchen area?
  • Would you prefer two levels of space?
  • Do you want it to blend in with the landscape?
  • Would you prefer easier, ground-level access?
  • Do you want to take advantage of a view?

Above all, do you have the skills necessary to DIY a deck? If your deck-building skills are limited, then you might want to consider a vinyl patio instead, covered in a high-quality vinyl membrane. You’ll end up with a beautiful final product that you and your family can enjoy for the long term.