Should You Build a Floating Vinyl Deck?

Should You Build a Floating Vinyl Deck?
Carpenters building a floating deck

Are you getting ready to build a deck next year? Have you considered waterproof vinyl for a floating deck? If you haven’t, you might want to consider one; it might make for a better final product, depending on your home.

How Does it “Float”?

The name is a bit of a misnomer. The “floating” refers to how the deck looks. The joists of a floating deck project out past the base of the deck, so you can’t see any part of the base.

Why A Floating Deck?

In case you’ve never noticed a floating deck, it floats. Or, rather, it sits just off the ground and isn’t attached to the main housing structure. The fact that it isn’t attached to your home makes it much easier to build yourself. It also means you can choose a location that might work better than a regular deck, such as somewhere with a view or within a garden.

Pros of A Floating Deck

A separate floating deck might offer you the option of building your own DIY deck, rather than hiring a contractor. Additionally, as a separate structure, a floating deck might not require a permit to save you time and money (check first). Even if you have an existing vinyl deck, this DIY decking project can add more space or act as a separate outdoor entertainment area.

Building A Vinyl Floating Deck

Initially, figure out where you could place a deck. You’ll want a space that’s flat and offers good drainage (i.e. no mud puddles around the structure). If you have to, bring in some crushed gravel to create your base.

Next, decide on the size and shape of your deck. There are few limitations, as long as you know how to build a sturdy deck base. You also need to figure out how far off the ground you would like the deck to be, and how many stairs will be required, if any.

You can waterproof your deck with a vinyl membrane. Keep in mind that depending on building codes you might need to install a vinyl deck railing for your new vinyl deck.

Additional Tips:

  • Install a layer of barrier to prevent plants and weeds from coming up.
  • For windy locations you’ll need to secure the structure to the ground.
  • Take the extra time to create a level deck on a sturdy base, so it doesn’t start to sag after a few years or wet weather.

Don’t Forget Waterproof Vinyl Decking

Creating a great floating deck isn’t just about the deck itself – it’s also about what you put on it. For instance, if you use Econodek waterproof vinyl decking on your floating deck it will ensure that you have a long lasting, durable, and comfortable deck surface.

What’s Next?

Hop online and look for some unique and creative floating decks that would work for your home. Ensure that you understand the building codes for a solid deck and check with your local bylaw office. Next, check out some fantastic Econodek DIY vinyl decking colors and patterns and get planning

About Econodek Waterproof Vinyl

Econodek vinyl decking is a tough, waterproof DIY decking product manufactured by Tuff Industries. It is so tough and reliable that many waterproofing specialists and deck contractors also use it for both residential and commercial projects.

To learn more, call our Econodek office toll free at 1-877-860-9333 or send us an email.


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