Get Inspired for Vinyl Decks

vinyl deck inspirationSometimes it takes a bit of a push, or a spark, to get you off your behind and planning for a change. The same goes for indoors and outdoors – especially when the weather starts to take a turn. So where should you start when it comes to finding inspiration for a vinyl deck? Here! Of course…

Step One: Evaluate & Gather Info

This step might already be happening; you’re just not aware of it. It begins with noticing other people’s decks, or pictures in magazines, and mentally comparing it to your existing deck. If you notice yourself thinking “that looks good,” or “I like that” then it’s time to start planning your deck as the inspiration fairy is already riding on your shoulder.

Here are things to look for:

  • Colors, patterns, materials
  • Flooring, decking, railings, stairs
  • Furniture, appliances, accessories

Step Two: Get Online for Vinyl Deck Resources

Use sites like Pinterest or Houzz to track your inspiration so you can pull it all together when you’re ready to move onto the next step. You can also start researching things like local bylaws, building regulations, and permits. The more you can flesh out your ideas, the faster your project will move once you get started with building.

Step Three: Get Professional Help

Now is also a great time to ask questions, if you have them, as most builders and contractors are entering their slow season and will have time to help. Even if you prefer to DIY your deck, odds are there are a few things you don’t know – such as whether to use screws, nails, or lag bolts. Again, you can probably find a lot of information online, but it might be faster simply to get a local professional to give their opinion, even if it costs you a few dollars it’s well worth the investment.

Step Four: Source Materials

What type of wood will you use to build your deck? What type of railings/panels? What type of deck surface? Again, the more of these questions you answer ahead of time, the smoother your project will go. Over the winter, be alert for sales on the products you need. If you’re looking for a specialty product, be sure to have it ordered as soon as you can so it’s ready by spring.

Don’t forget to look at the little things, as well: deck furniture, appliances, accessories, plants. There’s nothing worse that becoming inspired to build a vinyl deck, only to find it lacks character. Start here.