Tips for Bigger Vinyl Decks

Tips for Bigger Vinyl Decks
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Small decks can be a challenge for homeowners, they just don’t offer the space you need to really sit back and relax. If you own a small vinyl deck then you might need a few pointers on how to make it feel bigger, without having to create extra space with a deck extension.

Tip #1: Efficient Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are all the rage and offer a host of features, but your vinyl deck might not be the right fit. Trying to cram in a full-sized barbecue along with other features will reduce the living space on your deck. Instead, consider buying a smaller, more efficient barbecue to increase the use of space.

Tip #2: Double-Duty

Any small space requires you to find ways to double up on the space you use. This might mean using wall space for storage, making built-in benches with room underneath, or moving flower pots into railing boxes. The more you can double up, the more room you’ll create.

Some great DIY options include using old ladders for shelving, building side tables with storage or an umbrella stand, or a coffee table/fire pit.

Tip #3: Rearrange for Efficiency

Sometimes your furniture might be what’s crowding your vinyl deck. Newer square couches allow you to arrange along the edge of decks and into corners, leaving more space in the center of your deck or patio. Unless you absolutely need a patio table, think about changing out your furniture for something that is a better fit.

Tip #4: Add Some Privacy

If your small deck is part of a large yard or an open space, making it more cozy can actually help it feel bigger. Invest in some bamboo or cedar hedges to plant along the perimeter or even a few climbing vines that will flower in the spring/summer.

Tip #5: Light and Color

Color and light are one of the things that most vinyl decks and patios are lacking. For some reason they seem to be the last thing that people think about. So, whether it’s candles or patio lights, throw cushions or throw rugs, it’s time to add some color (and patterns) to your deck to help it feel cozy.

Of course, if your vinyl membrane is in bad repair, you might want to start with replacing the deck surface. Now is a great time to start planning for a new vinyl deck surface.

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