5 Quick & Easy Improvements for Vinyl Patios

5 Quick & Easy Improvements for Vinyl Patios
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Is your vinyl patio feeling a bit…blah? Want an easy way to make your vinyl patio feel a bit more like home? Check out these quick, easy (and wallet-friendly) suggestions to improve vinyl patios:

Tip #1: Plants for Vinyl Patios

It takes very little effort to make vinyl patios more colourful and homely, simply by adding some new plants and nice pots. Go for jewel-tones if you like a pop of colour, or select a contemporary palate with ranges of whites, beiges, greys or blacks if that is more suitable for your vinyl patio’s style (and your own). Make your life easier by choosing perennial plants that will come back every year, with a few annuals thrown in to make your space feel different each season.

Potential plants that work well include  Ostespermum, coleus, blue fescue, ivy, daisies, lavender, echinacea.

Tip #2: Pop of Colour

Adding colour to vinyl patios is pretty straightforward, especially if you have a free afternoon and can follow directions. Paint a pot, make throw cushions or a table running, paint pallets for a coffee or end table, etc. Not feeling crafty? Grab an outdoor area rug for a pop of colour and pattern that’s as easy as 1-2-3. Have you heard of Fusion Mineral Paint? It’s perfect for revitalizing old furniture or pottery to make something new and shiny to decorate vinyl patios.

Tip #3: Declutter Your Design

Do you really need all those chairs, side tables, or extra accessories on your vinyl patio. Clutter can make you feel stressed, which isn’t fun when you’re trying to relax. Free up some space by getting rid of unused furniture, or look for pieces that can double as storage underneath. Get hangers for plants and tool, and only keep what you really love to look at on your vinyl patio. Trust us, you’ll feel the difference.

Tip #4: Let there be Light!

Even when they’re not on, a little bit of light can make a festive difference to vinyl patios. Hang string lights, look for solar paper lanterns, or retrofit an old chandelier with solar candles – all of these improvements will make your vinyl patio feel cozier – and it’s more likely you’ll want to spend time on it.

But what if your vinyl patio is beyond the help simple improvements can provide? Then it’s time to take a major step and replace your vinyl patio surface. With a new vinyl membrane, your patio will feel like new, look like new, and be somewhere you really wan to spend your time. So what are you waiting for, check out the range of vinyl membrane styles and start planning!

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