Discover Inspiration for New Vinyl Deck Projects

Discover Inspiration for New Vinyl Deck Projects
Pencils on top of a watercolour sketch of a furnished deck

Are you ready for a new vinyl deck, but not sure where to start? Or, are you not sure what kinds of deck you even want to build? If you need a kick to get started with your vinyl decking project, we have some ways to find inspiration, just keep reading!

Tip #1: Take a Walk

The next time you are out, whether in your neighborhood or somewhere else, go for a walk and look around! Ideally, head somewhere you can see people’s backyards so you can have a look at their decks. Make a note of what works and what doesn’t, taking into account the style of your own home and personal preferences. It can help to use your phone’s voice memo function (and perhaps take a few pictures) so you don’t forget.

Tip #2: Go Book Hunting

Books and magazine on home building (or specifically deck building) are great resources, no matter how old they are. Head to your local library, thrift store, book sale, or ask anyone you know if they have anything on hand that you could look at. Also, check out renovation stores and their magazine racks, yes you have to buy them, but it might be worth the investment to find just the right inspiration for your vinyl deck.

Tip #3: Pinterest & Houzz

These three resources are invaluable when it comes to checking out vinyl deck projects. You can create albums of photos that you like, and even make notes on the photos to remember key points of what you like (or don’t). Plus, it can put you in touch with other deck-building people to share tips and resources. YouTube can also be a good resource if you’re looking for a bit more “how to” before you get started with your vinyl decking project.

Tip #4: Ask a Pro

You don’t have to hire someone for the whole project to get their advice, and sometimes they’ll offer it up for free (but you should at least be willing to pay for the service). If you have specific questions about what works or doesn’t, a professional vinyl deck builder can help point you in the right direction. After all, there’s nothing worse than taking a project in a certain direction only to find out it won’t work for your house!

So where to start for you own vinyl decking inspiration? Check out our gallery of great vinyl decking products!


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