Inexpensive Deck Ideas – Econodek Vinyl Decking

Inexpensive Deck Ideas – Econodek Vinyl Decking
Econodek waterproof vinyl deck with outdoor furniture overlooking a lake

Inexpensive Deck Ideas – Econodek

If you’re researching making a few improvements to your outdoor living space then Econodek has a few inexpensive deck ideas to help you improve your deck space. The more you enjoy being in your outdoor space the more likely you’ll spend time on your deck. So, beyond installing Econodek Waterproof Vinyl Decking what are some easy and inexpensive ways to make your outdoor space worth spending time on?

Inexpensive Deck Idea #1: Adding Shade

Too much sun or heat is never a good thing. If the heat last year had you heading inside, consider adding some shade to your deck with a pergola, shade sail, or even a regular patio umbrella. You can even take it up a notch by installing a patio mister to help out on those really hot summer days.

Inexpensive Deck Idea #2: Serve it Right

Dinged, dingy, or dented serving ware doesn’t help your deck feel like a comfortable place to spend time. Instead, it might feel more like a family camping trip. Upgrading dishware, glasses, and cutlery will help vinyl roof decks feel more like stay cations than camping.

Inexpensive Deck Idea #3: Install More Amenities

It can be a pain to try and relax on your deck if you’re constantly having to run back inside to use the kitchen, grab cups, or rinse dishes. Bringing the kitchen outside can help vinyl roof decks feel like an extension of the home, rather than just a place where you get to sit down to relax until you need to head back inside.

Inexpensive Deck Idea #4: Add Lighting

String lights, fairy lights, and paper lanterns can all add a touch of ambiance that might be lacking on your deck. Not only are lights a quick and easy improvement, they add a touch of style and let you enjoy your deck longer into the evenings.

Inexpensive Deck Idea #5: The Sound of Music

While some of us might be lucky enough to relax to the sound of ocean waves or the twittering of birds, most people with decks will have some ambient noise they wish they could block out. With the plethora of wireless options available, it’s easy to install some speakers (or bring a wireless one out with you) so you can enjoy your deck with some tunes.

Inexpensive Deck Idea #6: Greenery

Some decks end up feeling a bit utilitarian – all function and no style. Create an oasis outdoors with potted plants, even large palms and bamboos if you have the space. As an added bonus you’ll get more privacy!

Inexpensive Deck Idea #7: Multi-Functional

Creating a balance between seating and storage on decks is easy with multi functional pieces. Benches and ottomans can double as storage, while cabinets can have flip down table tops for eating.

If you’re looking at your deck and wondering whether any (or all) of these changes will make any kind of difference, then perhaps it’s time to make a bigger improvement by installing new vinyl decking. It’s a simple, affordable way to give vinyl roof decks a whole new look. Econodek is a complete waterproof deck solution that is easy to install and designed for you the homeowner. Our step by step video guide and toll free customer support will support you through your install and you’ll be enjoying your new Econodek Vinyl Decking in not time!

About Econodek

Econodek offers DIYers and decking contractors the industry’s strongest and most durable waterproof vinyl decking products for outdoor living spaces. You can install Econodek waterproof vinyl decking on outdoor walkways, stairs, pool decks, patios, balconies, and of course, roof decks.

For more information about Econodek vinyl decking products please call us toll free at 1-877-860-9333 or send us an email at


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