Top DIY Gift Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts & Vinyl Deck Owners

Top DIY Gift Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts & Vinyl Deck Owners
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Whether you love to do-it-yourself, are on a budget, or have a friend or loved one who prefers handmade to store bought, we have a great list of gifts for you to consider. So, if your person loves spending time on their vinyl deck, in the garden, or on the lawn you’ll love these DIY gift ideas.

DIY Furniture for Vinyl Decks

If their deck is looking a bit blasé, you can easily help make it more comfortable, welcome, and fun to spend time in. Here are a few DIY gift ideas you can take on if you’re comfortable with a bit of cutting, nailing, and making cushions where needed:

  • Day Bed: Picture a large, square couch that fits into the corner of a vinyl deck. All you need is a solid base and a large cushion on top.
  • Rustic Sofa: Similar to the DIY project above, but more couch-like with a back on it. Again, it’s really just a few pieces of wood for a frame plus cushions.
  • Pallet Bar: Refurbishing pallets is a great and simple way to upcycle. You can make other types of furniture for vinyl decks as well, including coffee tables and storage benches.

DIY Decorations for Vinyl Decks and Lawns

If furniture is beyond your capabilities (or budget), think a bit smaller with some new décor. Nice décor is hard to find and typically expensive, so a homemade gift like this will be appreciated:

  • Cedar Cooler/Table: A fun and functional project, encasing a regular cooler in cedar lets it double as a coffee table or ottoman for a double-duty gift.
  • Table Top Fire Bowl: This incredibly easy gift idea has a ton of firepower, literally! You only need a few easy-to-find materials to make a beautiful piece that will look lovely and help keep vinyl decks warm on cool evenings.
  • Chandelier Light: If you are lucky enough to find an old chandelier, you have an almost-made present already. Simply paint (if needed) and insert solar lights! Alternatively, you can make your own neat light with a hula-hoop, some wire hangers, and a few strings of outdoor solar Christmas lights.

DIY Greenery for Vinyl Decks and Patios

Green thumb or no, when vinyl decks and patios don’t include greenery of some sort it makes the space feel separate from nature. Help your friend get back to the earth with these simple projects:

  • Wall Planters: Smaller vinyl decks and patios may not have room for large pots or planters, so why not hang them! Whether it’s a pallet or smaller boxes, your loved one can enjoy a garden and art at the same time.
  • Plant Hangers: Some wood, rope, and plant pots are the basics for a 3+ tier hanging planter that adds charm and can let vinyl deck owners enjoy fresh herbs on their deck.

There are so many terrific and thoughtful DIY gift ideas out there for outdoorsy or vinyl deck-loving people: we know you’ll find a great gift to make! Alternatively, if your loved one has a bit of a shabby outdoor space, you can offer to help them install new vinyl decking next year – that makes a terrific present too!


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