Top Tips for Enjoying Time on Vinyl Decks this Summer

Top Tips for Enjoying Time on Vinyl Decks this Summer
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Yes, it’s August. But for many you’re just getting out there on your vinyl decks. Whether it’s been wet weather, smokey skies, or a summer vacation, if you’re getting ready to finally enjoy your vinyl decks we’re ready to help you get started with these quick tips:

Tip #1: Tidy up Vinyl Decks

Even though you’re eager to get out there and relax, take 30 minutes to sweep and hose off your vinyl deck. Leaving dirt on decks can lead to problems, as grit can get ground into the surface of the deck from traffic and the weight of furniture. Take an extra few minutes to check for any problem areas, just to be safe.

Tip #2: Do a Quick Declutter

Does your deck, like many, become a hold-all for junk over the winter months? Do you kids dump their toys/sports equipment on the deck when they come inside? Decluttering a deck can help it feel larger and more welcoming. Store items underneath the deck surface, take junk to the dump, and you’ll enjoy your deck more.

Tip #3: Add a Garden/Greenery on Vinyl Decks

Regardless of the size of your vinyl deck, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy some fresh produce or greenery, even if it’s late in the year. Look for items that do well in pots, make sure you water them when needed, and you can enjoy both fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs as well as the succulent scent of flowers and shrubs.

Tip #4: Outdoor Cooking

When it’s hot there’s nothing better to keep your home cool than by cooking outside. Plus, barbecuing is fun! There are tons of new recipes you can try, from pizzas to casseroles, right on your barbecue. And clean-up is easy when you have a vinyl deck surface, simply wipe up spills and you’re done!

Tip #5: Rearrange and Recycle

If you feel unenthusiastic about your furniture arrangement on vinyl decks, make a change! Try to rearrange the furniture a few times (without dragging, that might damage the vinyl membrane). If that doesn’t work it might be time to recycle/donate a few pieces and invest in something new.

Tip #6: Cool Down on Hot Days

Many areas of North America are experiencing extraordinary heat this summer, which may make you want to avoid spending time outside. Perhaps it’s time to install a mister? A hose-style mister with intermittent nozzles can cool off a large space quickly, just install it along your roofline or string across the top of your deck.

Tip #7: Avoid the Sun if Needed

Again, with all this heat if you’re vinyl deck experiences direct sun you might find yourself heading inside. Why not install some shade? It will make the deck more enjoyable and might even help keep your home cooler. If you’re a person who likes a bit of sun, ensure that the option you choose lets you add shade or remove as desired.

Tip #8: Ensure Safe, Long-Lasting Vinyl Decks!

Decks that are over 20 years old need regular checkups, so ensure that your deck is safe before you use it each year. Installing a new vinyl deck membrane can go a long way towards extending the life of your vinyl deck.

Have a great remainder of summer!

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