Tips to Plan Vinyl Deck Renovations

Tips to Plan Vinyl Deck Renovations
Patched deck surface prior to vinyl decking installation

Mid-winter is a great time to start planning a vinyl deck renovation – even if you’re just looking to freshen up and re-surface your existing deck or add a small deck extension. Having a budget and a plan is essential to ensuring that you end up with a finished waterproof vinyl deck that is exactly what you wanted. So, for all you DIYers, where do you begin?

First, Start with the Deck Structure

Reviewing the structure of your existing deck (whether it’s a balcony, patio, roof deck or sundeck) is a good jump-off point for what might be possible. Depending on the condition of the deck structure, if you really need a change you might have to compromise or consider starting over. However, this is probably one part of the project you might want a professional’s opinion, so you can ensure that your new waterproof vinyl deck is structurally sound, safe, and built according to the latest building codes.

Don’t forget – depending on what you’re planning to do, you might require a building permit!

Next, Consider the Options

There are a ton of options when it comes to building or renovating vinyl decks. You can add levels, change the shape, install a floating deck or even convert it into a patio. Other options include changing the staircase layout, adding a roof, even installing a hot tub! Consider all the options (and associated costs) before you make your final decision.

Installing a waterproof vinyl membrane on your deck means a sheltered dry space below, which can be utilized as a second entertainment area or for storage.

Now Add to the Deck’s Border

By that we mean add deck railings and panels or spindles. Before deciding, look at houses in your area or on building sites like HGTV or Houzz for ideas. You want a solution that:

  1. Matches your home’s décor and/or architectural styling.
  2. Takes advantage of your surroundings (for example, you might want glass panels to enjoy a view, or something more filled in to add privacy. )

Be Careful about Going Overboard

Hot tubs, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and fountains or other water features are all great things to include on a new or resurfaced vinyl deck, but your deck can only go so far. Unless you have a very large deck, go for the things you will get the most use of/enjoyment out of, rather than trying to accomplish the impossible. Remember, even though your deck might feel big, if you like to entertain you’ll need room for extra chairs and tables, as well as space for people to move around.

Visit this site page for more Deck Building Tips.

Finally, Make your Vinyl Deck Useful

While you might have the bases covered as far as the vinyl deck surface, deck railings, stairs, etc., what about those little things that make your deck that much easier to use? Built in seating, side tables, and storage can make all the difference if your vinyl deck plan allows it. Also include space for accessories such as plants, art, or even an additional seating area, as it will help your new waterproof vinyl deck feel more like home.

Check out our gallery of vinyl deck surfaces for some ideas, or head over to Houzz, which is a great resource for deck inspiration!

Econodek carries waterproof vinyl decking by Tuff Industries, and it is one of the industry’s best vinyl membranes for DIYers. If you still have questions about how to resurface an existing deck, or how to waterproof a new sundeck, patio, roof deck, or balcony, feel free to contact our Econodek waterproofing deck experts online or by email, or call Econodek toll free at 1-877-766-1366.



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