Image of finished waterproof vinyl decking with black iron deck railing - Econodek

Protect Rental Properties with Vinyl Decking

How can vinyl decking protect your rental property?

You want your rental to be profitable, which means a balance between spending and saving. If your property has a deck, patio, or roof deck then you may want to install vinyl decking. Here’s why:

#1: Provide Waterproof Deck Protection

Protect your property, outside and in, with vinyl decking. After installation, a vinyl membrane will not only protect the structure of the deck or patio but will also prevent water from entering the property itself. This is key – not only because of the elements but to also protect your rental for neglectful occupants who may unknowingly leave a hose running or otherwise have standing water on the deck. With a waterproof deck, you can rest assured that your investment is protected for the long term.

#2: Decks and Patios Las Longer

Wood, whether correctly stained or not, will eventually break down with continued exposure to the elements. By covering decks, patios, and roof decks with a waterproof (and sunproof) vinyl membrane, you’re automatically extending the lifespan of your structure. That makes perfect sense for a rental, where you want to get the most out of your investment.

#3: Reduce Deck Maintenance

Time is money, as the saying goes. No one understands that more than a rental property owner, who could spend hundreds of hours (or thousands of dollars) each year maintaining a single property. Every hour you cut in maintenance means less time/money spent, so why not install a vinyl membrane? It means no more sanding or staining, just a quick sweep and then rinse a few times a year and you’re on your way.

#4: Perfect for Multi-Units

Create a dry secondary space under a vinyl deck quickly and easily by installing a vinyl membrane, so a ground-floor tenant can enjoy their patio. Alternatively, the space underneath a deck can be enclosed for storage rather than building a shed. Either way, you get two spaces for the cost of one!

#5: Five: Increase Investment Value

By minimizing costs and maintenance on your rental, while expanding the lifespan of vinyl decks and patios, adds up to a higher valued property. If you’re considering selling in the future, installing vinyl decking can help to more your property more quickly. In the meantime, enjoy waterproof deck protection and less maintenance!

You can install a vinyl membrane to your rental property in no time flat, so why not get started?