Vinyl Deck Covering Over Wood | Econodek™

Vinyl Deck Covering Over Wood | Econodek™
New home construction with waterproof vinyl decking

Vinyl Deck Covering Over Wood – Econodek

Econodek vinyl deck covering over wood completely waterproofs your outdoor surface, creating a cozy, comfortable space that is barefoot friendly and great for kids and pets. This waterproof vinyl decking is an excellent choice when you are looking to update, upgrade, or cover your wood deck. There is no more sanding and staining required to maintain your deck surface. Simply use a hose and a bristle brush to keep your Econodek looking great for years to come!

An important part of a great Econodek installation is the choice and preparation of the plywood surface. To find a color use our vinyl decking augmented reality app.  Below you will find some very useful information for your next install.

Plywood Surface

Our recommendation when installing Econodek vinyl deck covering over wood is to use an exterior plywood substrate. Preferably 3/4″ Tongue and Groove plywood as we do not want any flex in the deck. If you are covering an existing outdoor deck, you can use 5/8″ T &G plywood to skim the deck in that scenario.

Unacceptable Substrates

We do not recommend using Grade ‘A’ or select plywood panels as they use synthetic fillers that can damage the vinyl. We also do not recommend the following surfaces for our Econodek vinyl deck covering over wood:

Poplar plywood
Orientated strand board (OSB)
Lauaun panels
Treated plywood (ie: fire treated, pressure-treated, or panels with field and/or edge sealants)

Delivery, Storage, and Handling

Avoid damaging plywood panels, especially edge surfaces, when handling. Store plywood panels in a sheltered place, stacked, separated with no direct contact with the ground.

Moisture Content

Ideal moisture content of plywood is 12-14% @ 70% relative humidity / 68 deg. F (20 deg.C). To achieve the desired MC for new plywood, store panels for 7 days (minimum of 48 hours) as noted above. Maintaining a moisture content below 20% will improve your odds of a quality Econodek vinyl deck installation.

Econodek moisture content


Plywood panels to be installed with the surface grain at right angles to the joists. Install the first row of plywood at the building side with the “tongue” facing the building. Remove the tongue for a tight fit. End joints shall be supported over 2” wood joists. At unsupported joints, install 2” x 4” blocking securely nailed between framing members. Nail or screw plywood in place. Stagger end joints in each succeeding row. Center panels over the load-bearing beams, wall, etc to reduce ridging. Panels to span 3 joists min. At the outside drip edge extend plywood to the finish line of the deck including trims, fascia boards, etc.

Plywood Surface Preparation

1. Sand all plywood joints and rows of fasteners with a floor edger or belt sander.
2. Install any necessary flashing or trim ensuring they will not impede the flow of water (recessing drip edge using a planer is best practice).
3. Spot fill all knotholes, depressions, damaged areas with Econodek Deck Patch.
4. Fill plywood joints as needed. If the plywood moisture content is less than 12%: do not fill any gaps. If the plywood moisture content is 12% or higher: do not fill gaps 1/16” or less. Double fill gaps 3/32” or more. The vinyl membrane may settle into gaps larger than 3/32” which could show under some lighting conditions.
5. Sand all areas that Econodek Deck Patch was applied once it has dried.
6. Some plywood products such as select or grade A plywood contain artificial synthetic plywood filler or plugs which must be removed prior to installing Econodek vinyl membranes. Synthetic filler materials can damage plasticizers in the vinyl causing discoloration and premature degradation.

plywood fillers plywood filler Econodek

7. Use a whisk broom or powered blower to clean off all debris. Do a final inspection to ensure the deck is suitable for the application of the Econodek vinyl deck covering over the wood membrane. The deck is accepted as being suitable once the membrane installation commences.
8. Installed Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF) panels should be waterproofed immediately as they are more prone to face checking when left exposed to the elements. Protect plywood from rain & snow after installation to prevent moisture pickup. Do not place tarps directly on the wood. Use sleepers under tarps to allow for air movement.

Econodek Quick Quote

To get the total materials cost of your project simply visit our deck calculator page for an Econodek quick quote. If you have any questions or would like a free personalized quote email us today at for more information.

Free Samples

We believe that in order to properly pick the Econodek color that bests suits the exterior of your home that you should choose from real samples.

Simply email info@econodek or phone us toll-free at 1-877-860-9333 and ask to speak with an Econodek sales rep about vinyl decking color samples for your next project. To find a color use our vinyl decking augmented reality app.

Econodek sample pack

Stop maintaining your deck and start enjoying it today with Econodek Waterproof Vinyl Decking!

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